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Our core team


Dr Sandy Williams – Co-Director and Chief Executive

Sandy Williams co-founded Scriptoria because she believed that development and environmental communications lacked the mix of flair and expertise needed to really drive home important messages.

Now recognised as a leading expert in the communication of these difficult issues, she regularly helps governments, businesses and research organisations around the world communicate messages relating to climate change, water, agriculture, forestry, health, green thinking and corporate social responsibility.

Sandy has a lot of environmental experience both in the UK (she was Technical Controller for one of the UK’s largest water companies) and overseas, where she spent nearly five years conducting research in tropical rainforest and related ecosystems. She has a PhD in Tropical Agroforestry and a First Class Honours degree in Ecology.

Dr Sandy Williams

Dr Jim Weale – Co-Director and Senior Strategist

Jim Weale co-founded Scriptoria based on a passion for communications and a commitment to development and the environment worldwide. Since then, he’s worked hard to build a company that combines unusually high levels of expertise in development issues with a passion for producing communications that have a definite and sustained impact. He’s now recognised as one of the leaders in this field.

In his day-to-day work for Scriptoria, Jim has designed communications strategies for multi-million dollar poverty reduction programmes targeting Asia and Africa, trained corporate and government communications teams, and advised the UK government on building the profile of its aid efforts. The writing and communications courses he has designed for Scriptoria have also been very well received around the world.

Jim’s PhD is in English and Linguistics.

Dr Jim Weale

Strategy and Consulting

Jonathan Martin – Knowledge Management, Database and IT Systems Specialist

Jon Martin is a communications and knowledge-management systems IT specialist, with an impressive number of formal qualifications. He is also a registered Microsoft Partner.

Examples of Jon’s experience range from developing intranets and enterprise class management information systems for multi-million pound development projects, to the production of online relational databases and management information systems on a range of platforms. Jon has over 15 years of experience working on information and knowledge-management systems, and before joining Scriptoria was a consultant for a specialist software engineering firm working for several major banks.

Jonathan Martin

Tim Donaldson – Principal Communications & Knowledge Management Consultant

Tim Donaldson is a highly experienced international development consultant. He has a strong track record in programme management, and the delivery of communications and knowledge management strategies, and has spent more than 25 years in senior positions advising and leading multi-million pound projects across the world. His areas of focus have included climate change, natural resources management, agriculture and governance. Tim has an MPhil in Pastoral Systems in East Africa from the University of Reading, UK.

Tim Donaldson

Laura Ulanowski – Communications and Knowledge Management Consultant

Laura brings to Scriptoria a strong background in international development consultancy and communications. She has delivered projects for ADB, DFID and the Gates Foundation. Examples include leading engagement communications and knowledge management for a partnership of multi-million dollar crop breeding projects, promoting sustainable intensification of agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa and facilitating a global food security conference.

Laura Ulanowski

Marina Millan – Project Manager & AgShare.Today Co-ordinator

Marina Millan is a member of Scriptoria’s consulting team and specialises in communications and knowledge management. Currently Marina is leading on strategic engagement activities and delivering training in knowledge management systems to drive agricultural research forward in Africa. Also an accomplished project manager, Marina recently supported operations and knowledge management on a DFID-funded transport project in Uganda. Her previous work for Scriptoria includes inputs into communications strategies for a range of clients in the sustainable development sector.

Marina Millan

Dr Jacqueline St.Quinton – Scientific engagement, communications and data-management specialist

Jacqueline St.Quinton’s role in Scriptoria focuses on helping our research clients to better manage and disseminate their results and data. This ranges from assisting researchers and technicians with their data capture and management, to providing training, mentoring and guiding their scientific output for publication.

Her PhD is in the Biological Sciences with a focus on the interaction between plants and fungal pathogens. She has a particular interest in plant pathology, the biological control of invasive weeds and the management of their impact on ecosystem degradation and the conservation of endemic species. Her work has included the morphometric and molecular study of invasive plants and their biotrophic and necrotrophic fungal pathogens. Jacqueline also has experience in computing, having spent many years as an IT technician in blue-chip organisations in the City of London.

Dr Jacqueline St.Quinton

Dr Marie Brueser – Scientific Engagement, Communications and Data-management Consultant

Marie joined the consulting team at Scriptoria where she assists scientists and researchers with various aspects of their work such as data-management, statistics and publishing.

She completed her PhD in Crop Genetics with a focus on yield-improvement of oilseed rape. The project was co-funded by her institute and a breeding company, allowing her to learn a wide range of skills from plant breeding to molecular techniques. Marie has experience in phenotyping, genotyping, managing large datasets and using various IT programs for statistics, data visualisation and analysis. She also holds a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Sciences.

Dr Marie Brueser

Charlotte Ashe – Communications and Knowledge Management Consultant

Since joining Scriptoria in 2017, Charlotte has provided communication and knowledge management inputs on the company’s active consulting projects. Charlotte holds a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences with a focus on science communication. She applies her expertise to her work on the AgShare.Today project, which includes developing and maintaining a global agricultural research network. This involves strategic data management, IT support and communications product design and development. Charlotte also manages Scriptoria’s training courses which are offered to research organisations, NGOs and businesses worldwide.

Charlotte Ashe

Elizabeth Moulding – Communications and Knowledge Management Consultant

Elizabeth works in Scriptoria’s Consulting team as a Communications and Knowledge Management Consultant. At Scriptoria, Elizabeth supports the company’s active projects with strategic engagement and communication activities.

Elizabeth is fluent in three languages, with a BA (Hons) in French, Italian and European Studies and experience internationally in providing communications support to large organisations.

Elizabeth Moulding

Ben Ryder – Communications and Knowledge Management Consultant

Ben is a communications and knowledge management consultant in Scriptoria’s Consulting team. At Scriptoria, Ben works on providing communications and knowledge management support to the company’s active projects, as well as contributing to business development efforts.

Ben has experience internationally in providing campaigns and communications support to charities and non-profits. Before joining Scriptoria, Ben played an active role in a community-based project in Ghana. He has also made significant contributions to international campaigns for a City of London-based human rights charity.

Ben Ryder

Marcelo Francesco di Bianchi – Data Modelling and Visualisation Consultant

Marcelo works in our Consulting team supporting our international projects and business development efforts. A Data Engineer by trade, Marcelo has a wealth of expertise in using business intelligence platforms, big data, machine learning and cloud computing to develop solutions for his clients. Marcelo has a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo and considerable experience teaching at universities across Brazil.

Marcelo Francesco di Bianchi


Cathy Jacob – Head of Publications

Cathy has managed the busy day-to-day operations of Scriptoria’s Publications department since 2012. She is responsible for coordinating Scriptoria’s expert team of writers, editors, designers and translators to produce a wide range of print and digital communications materials. She oversees Scriptoria’s publications management team, who ensure that every project is completed on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards.

Cathy comes from a strong background in scientific journal and magazine publishing, combining skills in writing, editing and project management with a rigorous eye for detail. Before joining Scriptoria, Cathy worked as Assistant Editor of two veterinary publications, most recently as part of BMJ Group. She has a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry with Neuroscience.

Cathy Jacob

Kate Niblett – Deputy Head of Publications

Kate has over 15 years’ experience of producing print and online publications, from planning through to publication, in multiple formats. She is an experienced copyeditor, proofreader and project manager with a keen eye for detail and an excellent understanding of the publishing process.

Kate manages the production of a number of Scriptoria projects. She liaises with clients, designers, editors and writers to ensure that each project is produced to the highest quality standards, on time and to budget. Kate also takes a hands-on role on many projects, putting her editing and proofreading expertise to use. She has a BA (Hons) in French and Linguistics.

Kate Niblett

Dr Sandra Child – Senior Writer and Strategist

Sandra’s career in communications spans over 40 years, and her experience speaks for itself. Before working with Scriptoria, she headed and managed the communications programmes of the WorldFish Center, the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture and the Australian Institute of Marine Science, as well as the Australian Bureau of Rural Resources. She has also worked as a communications consultant for Care International.

Sandra is a talented writer, and has produced innumerable annual reports, newsletters, scientific and technical reports, policy briefs and brochures. She has a PhD in Geology.

Dr Sandra Child

Paul Farah Cox – Writer and Editor

Paul joined Scriptoria in 2016 after ten years of freelance writing, researching and editing for agricultural organisations: CGIAR centres, the Crop Trust and Future Agricultures Consortium, among others.

An anthropologist by training and temperament, Paul holds an MSc in the Anthropology and Ecology of Development, for which he carried out fieldwork on post-conflict farming in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. He has also co-authored a book on disasters, and written articles in a very diverse range of academic and popular publications.

Paul Farah Cox

Nicola Temple – Writer and Editor

Nicola joined Scriptoria in 2017 after working for a decade as a freelance writer, editor and researcher; her stories have appeared in publications in the US, Canada, Australia and Britain. Nicola has also worked extensively with universities from around the UK to develop compelling well-evidenced stories around research impact.

Prior to settling down to write full time, Nicola spent ten years as a conservation biologist, first among the grizzly bears of Canada’s west coast and then among the coral reefs of Australia. She has an MSc in Biology and has authored several peer-reviewed publications, delivered award-winning conference talks and authored and co-authored several books.

Nicola Temple

Rodney Lynn – Senior Technical Editor

Rodney is one of Scriptoria’s senior technical and journal-article editors. Before joining Scriptoria, Rodney worked for various development organisations around the world, including CIDA, UNDP, AusAID and the Aga Khan Foundation.

Rodney has a background in technical education, and education policy and planning in Canada, Africa, South and Central Asia. He has a double-first Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics, and Master’s degrees in Business and Quality Assurance.

Rodney Lynn

Megan Jones – Publications Manager

Megan joined Scriptoria in 2017. Since then she has supported organisations through all stages of the publications process. She has project managed the development of both print and online publications for clients such as the Islamic Development Bank, the Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute and Smart Power India, established by The Rockefeller Foundation.

Megan’s current focus is on providing comprehensive communications support to a major water infrastructure programme funded by the UK government’s Department for International Development. Megan has a BSc in Geography.

Megan Jones

Alex James – Publications Manager

Since joining Scriptoria in 2016, Alex has led the design of digital and print publications for various clients, such as Action on Climate Today and the Committee on Climate Change. He has also provided publications support on projects for UNICEF Ghana, World Water Council and the Islamic Development Bank, amongst others. In addition, Alex project manages a key component of a multi-million dollar-funded initiative, which provides editing and mentoring services to researchers in sub-Saharan Africa in an effort to promote and disseminate agricultural knowledge.

Alex holds a BA (hons) in History and German.

Alex James

Lisa Newton – Senior Graphic Designer and Creative Director

Lisa is a creative, flexible graphic designer with a keen eye for detail who has worked as one of Scriptoria’s senior designers since 2007. She has created and designed a wide variety of communications materials from logos, branding and exhibition stands, to leaflets, brochures and annual reports.

Lisa is adept at managing projects from the briefing stages through to completion, meeting tight deadlines, resolving client queries and overseeing the print process and delivery of a final product. She is experienced at working within branding guidelines, to create designs that fit an existing identity, but also has a flair for creating strong identities from scratch.

Lisa has more than 20 years’ experience delivering innovative design solutions to a range of clients and has a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design.

Chris Thomas – Senior Web Developer

Chris has been Scriptoria’s Senior Web Developer for over 10 years. He has created websites for local, national and international companies, and has a substantial amount of experience developing informative websites for development organisations and programmes including NEPAD, CAADP, SPARC and ACT to name but a few.

Over the years, Chris has produced static, adaptive and responsive websites, and has created and managed custom-made and open source content management systems. He has produced custom themes for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, created interactive content using Flash, HTML 5 and CSS3, and produced HTML email templates for Outlook, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp.

Chris has 15 years’ experience in website hosting and maintenance, a BA (Hons) degree in Photography and a PG DIP in Multimedia.

Dan Spinks – Graphic Designer

Dan has been a graphic designer at Scriptoria for over 10 years. In this time, he has created numerous communications materials for a wide range of sustainable development organisations. His work has included refreshing the look of publications series, design and page layout of flyers, brochures and reports, and the creation of illustrations, diagrams, presentations and posters.

Dan specialises in the creative design of websites and digital content, working in close collaboration with Scriptoria’s Senior Web Developer. He has a PG DIP in Multimedia Design.

Becky Hayward – Science Writer and Editor

Becky has been part of the Scriptoria team since 2008. During this time, her fresh and lively writing style has helped our clients’ messages jump off the page. Her work has featured in newsletters, scientific journals, annual reports and more, for organisations including the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, the World Water Council and Action on Climate Today.

Before Scriptoria, Becky worked as a writer and editor for a number of environmental organisations including the Small Woods Association and the DFID Forestry Research Programme. As well as working for Scriptoria, Becky runs with her partner an organic family farm, giving her a practical grounding in agricultural and land-use issues.

Becky has an MSc in Science Communication and a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Earth Studies.

Becky Hayward

Elizabeth Harrop – Communications Consultant

With over 20 years’ communications experience, Elizabeth has extensive knowledge of international development, human rights advocacy and international human rights law.

Elizabeth has designed communications strategies for non-governmental and intergovernmental organisations including Amnesty International UK, the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the UNICEF Office of Research in Italy. She has advised the Office of the Children’s Commissioner in New Zealand, and has spoken at the UK Parliament’s House of Commons on the depiction of women and girls in advertising.

A skilled writer, Elizabeth has written on complex subjects including business and human rights, maternal and child health, women’s rights, sustainable food production and human trafficking. Elizabeth facilitates media and PR training and possesses excellent project management, research and evaluation skills. Combining a high level of creativity with a logical and analytical mind, Elizabeth has a Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Social Change.

Elizabeth Harrop

Peter Thorpe – Writer

Peter Thorpe’s long and distinguished career in communications covers nearly thirty years. During this time he’s managed and headed communications departments for major organisations like NATO, the World Health Organization, the Royal Tropical Institute (the Netherlands), the Centre for Health and Population Research (Bangladesh), and the EU Regional Agricultural Programme in Fiji.

Peter’s commitment to development and his wealth of experience makes him an important part of our team. He has a BSc in Botany and Zoology and Postgraduate qualifications in Library and Information Systems.

Peter Thorpe


Claudia Siemons, FMAAT – Head of Finance

Claudia is Scriptoria’s Head of Finance. Before joining Scriptoria in September 2009, Claudia racked up 17 years of experience working for a range of non-profits and international companies. Examples include ACET, an AIDS charity; Kloeckner, a German steel company; and AIG, one of the world’s largest insurance and investment companies. She also advises Scriptoria’s clients on improving their financial systems; this includes in-country work overseas.

Claudia gained her AAT qualifications in 1999, and also holds qualifications in administration.

Claudia Siemons