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Effective writing for journal articles, reports or theses

We teach researchers and technical staff how to write quickly and clearly when dealing with complex research subjects.

Our expert trainers have published and reviewed numerous research articles in top journals and bring both technical and editorial expertise to the subject of technical writing for sciences and the humanities. Our clients in academia and industry consistently report a boost in writing output and quality from staff at all career stages following our courses.

Master class in writing successful grants

Our aim is to help people better plan and communicate their ideas and get their projects funded.

Our trainers have a long history of successful grants and fellowships, and offer insider knowledge from their experiences as reviewers on grant panels and as consultants who help donors write funding calls. Scriptoria’s grant application-writing courses teach the same methods we use as a company to organise and win multi-million pound bids with our partners across sectors. We also provide 1:1 mentoring, writing and editing services for grants.

Communications workshops for engaging non-specialists

Whether we’re teaching healthcare workers how to engage with patients, industry scientists how to communicate their work to clients, or programme staff how to advocate to change policies, our focus is on clear, effective communications.

Scriptoria’s client-tailored communications courses help participants develop and deliver effective messages to their target stakeholders. Our trainers give critical insight and tips based on Scriptoria’s experience developing and implementing communications strategies for a range of international clients, including development programmes, donors, governments and private sector groups.

Project and programme management training

Our management-level courses build capacity in leaders for all stages of their project cycle, from bid writing to implementation to programme closure.

Scriptoria has a strong track record in managing and delivering complex projects for a range of clients for more than 20 years. Our consultants now deliver specialised training courses to individuals or groups in management roles to build the skills needed to lead anything from small-scale, short-term projects to collaborative, international research programmes. We train clients in academia (including postdocs), industry and government.

Live, interactive online courses

As an alternative to in-house training, our online courses allow our expert trainers to engage with participants no matter their location – an excellent way to develop, motivate and connect staff working remotely.

Through multiple Zoom sessions tailored specifically to online delivery, participants get the chance to better understand the theory, share their thoughts and questions, and put their learning into action. Course delivery is live, not pre-recorded, to ensure that participants can ask their questions and have them answered by our highly-experienced trainers in real time. This allows a greater depth of engagement and facilitates peer to peer learning and networking.

"Mini masterclasses" to suit your needs

Scriptoria also offers shorter, targeted mini masterclasses that complement our full courses described above – the perfect way to rapidly upskill a team.

These masterclasses offer the latest thinking, practical tools and expert insight into topics including Data and Digital Management; Effective Writing; Presentation Skills; Narrative CV Writing; and Research Profile Building. Mini masterclasses are flexible in their scope and duration and tailored to fit your group’s particular needs.

Training services examples



Since 2011, Scriptoria has provided training for staff at the multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca at its bases in Sweden, the US and across the UK (Macclesfield, Granta Park, Cambridge and Alderley Park).

Scriptoria teaches senior staff skills in proposal writing in order to develop internal project proposals. We also deliver courses to biomedical researchers to help them write clearly and succinctly for internal and external audiences, so that AstraZeneca can better disseminate the results from its extensive research and development operations. Clients say Scriptoria gives a “brilliant workshop, very informative and organised. Good balance for different levels of experience… Please come back and do more, educate our whole department!” Also: “A very good mixture of lectures and exercises to keep us all alert and creative. And I’ve already heard [a participant] saying that he uses daily the training material that was handed out, when he is now writing, because of all the good tips and tricks.”

Training delivered: Effective writing | Technical reports | Journal articles | Grants | Lay summaries

University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham

Scriptoria has been delivering training courses for the University of Birmingham for over a decade. To date we have delivered training in academic writing (especially journals and grants) and communications to over 2,000 staff across departments and career levels. We teach researchers from all disciplines – from Medicine and Life Sciences, to Physics, Chemistry and Engineering, to Geography and the Humanities, to interdisciplinary EU-funded networks and organisational development.

Our online and in-house courses in scientific writing and communications are in such high demand that they regularly fill up within the first day. Researchers at all career stages attend our courses and give excellent feedback: “This course was extremely timely, useful and encouraging. It is not the first writing workshop I’ve attended, but it’s the one I have gotten the most out of!” and “I was impressed with all elements – the course, content, structure, organisation, delivery, everything. They made what usually feels quite a tedious process into something that I am excited to do!”

Training delivered: Scientific writing | Reports | Journal articles | Theses | Grants & fellowships | Presentations | Social media | Media training | Lay summaries | Websites | Data management



The Community Network for African Vector-Borne Plant Viruses (CONNECTED) is a network of international scientists and industry staff funded by the UK’s Global Challenges Research Fund and coordinated by the University of Bristol.

Scriptoria has trained network researchers around the globe in technical writing, communications, grant writing, programme management and advocacy to improve the management, dissemination and impact of their research. Our courses were much appreciated by our participants: “This kind of training is missing in most training frameworks in Africa… I learnt the importance of managing a project, the importance of having a good team, understanding the overall objectives of the project and ensuring they’re achieved. The materials are very useful and informative. [The trainers] did an excellent job.”

Training delivered: Programme management | Communications | Advocacy | Scientific writing | Grants

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