Microsoft Partner

Tailored solutions using Office 365

We specialise in delivering integrated Office 365 systems to international development and research organisations around the world – improving their efficiency and the speed at which they deliver impact.

Our platforms include document management systems, project planning and delivery tracking systems, team management tools, and workflow and secure data management systems.

To help our clients make the best use of the tools they commission, we also provide tailored training and ongoing support. We are a registered Microsoft Partner.

Collaborative working with SharePoint

Through Microsoft SharePoint, we create online hubs for our clients that include social pages for announcements and updates, cutting-edge document management systems, dashboards to review project progress, online forms to automate workflows, and much more. With a wide range of embeddable apps, SharePoint can be customised for all imaginable needs.

We also recognise the imperative to ensure that project files are secure and can only be accessed by appropriate team members. Our platforms therefore include robust permission systems with secure logins to create protected management areas as well as wider controlled access areas for extended teams.

Remote working through Microsoft Teams

As working environments change, organisations need systems that empower their teams to work effectively no matter where they are. That’s why we have become experts in designing, deploying and managing MS Teams systems that strengthen both internal and external communication streams.

Teams lets colleagues connect however they need to – from quick-fire, one-on-one communication with chat and video to programme-wide announcements, meetings and seminars. Teams can also host online meetings with external stakeholders and partners, making it a powerful all-around tool for advocacy and engagement.