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Communications coordination

If you don’t have your own communications team, or if you just need a little help with a large project, our expert team can provide a cost-effective resource when you need it.

Our dedicated project managers will work with you to plan, produce and disseminate everything from knowledge products and legacy reports to social media campaigns and videos. This includes coordinating writers, editors, designers and web developers (in fact, everyone who needs to be involved), in order to produce powerful communications that demonstrate real impact.

Writing and content development

Scriptoria’s writers will work with you to develop engaging content that demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the subject matter – all tailored to the right audience.

Scriptoria has always been known for the exceptional quality of the writing we produce, which is why our clients commission us to develop some of their most prestigious publications. This means that our highly versatile writers and editors can step in at any point to research, draft, revise or polish your content, as well as advise you on what type of product you need to best connect with a specific audience.

Creative design

Our team has developed designs for some of the biggest players in sustainable development, including the United Nations, the European Commission and the World Bank.

The world of creative design is complex and ever-changing, and Scriptoria’s designers change with it to ensure that they produce modern, eye-catching designs. So, whether you need a new visual brand, or a range of knowledge products, infographics and event materials, our team will work with you to produce designs that reflect both the messaging you need to push to your audiences and the style that’s right for your sector.

Website development

Our web experts develop fast, modern, mobile-friendly sites that explain clearly and creatively what our clients are doing and why they are doing it.

Key to our service is an in-depth understanding of sustainable development programmes and what they need to achieve when communicating online. From programme websites and online resource centres, to digital annual reports and interactive infographics, our team can guide you, produce all site content, and rapidly create professional and effective sites which can be easily updated as your programme progresses.

Communications services examples

Invest Salone

Invest Salone

Invest Salone is a £30 million UK Aid-funded private-sector development initiative which facilitates inclusive economic growth in Sierra Leone. Invest Salone works to encourage investment, generate exports, create jobs and diversify four key sectors: agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing and tourism.

Since the programme started in 2019, Scriptoria has been Invest Salone’s trusted communications partner. We developed their communications strategy, visual branding and website, and produce multiple knowledge products, from case studies and reports to blogs and videos. Scriptoria also manages Invest Salone’s social media channels and continues to maintain its website, playing a key role in communicating the programme’s ongoing work and achievements.

Services provided: Concept and strategy development | Branding | Writing | Editing | Design | Layout | Website development | Animation | Social media



The CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) was a global research-for-development programme that promoted sustainable agricultural solutions, strengthened ecosystem health and created resilient water, land and food systems.

Scriptoria developed and implemented a communications strategy that aimed to secure a legacy for WLE – ensuring that its work continued to inform investments, policies and research after the programme closed. We synthesised WLE’s research, identified high-potential solutions and produced a range of strategic communications products – from an online knowledge hub promoting WLE innovations to synthesis briefs, blogs and animations. We also hosted a webinar series in the lead up to COP26.

Services provided: Strategy development | Concept development | Writing | Editing | Layout | Video production | Animations | Event support | Webinars



For over 10 years Scriptoria has developed a range of key publications for United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and its offices, including UNICEF Ghana, Switzerland, Sudan and the Office of Research – Innocenti.

A good example is ‘Best of UNICEF Research’ – one of the organisation’s most prestigious annual publications, which we produced three years in a row. For these we received lists of finalist teams chosen by the Office of Research – Innocenti, and then interpreted the teams’ research reports and articles into lively summaries celebrating the breakthroughs each had achieved. We also authored a special look back at the series so far, ‘Best of UNICEF Research Retrospective: Documenting Impact and Lessons Learned’.

Services provided: Concept development | Research | Interviews | Writing | Editing | Design | Layout

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