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We’re expert digital communicators

We all know that the way that people engage with content has changed dramatically in recent years, with more time being spent on phones, tablets and laptops than ever before. Staying one step ahead of these trends with beautiful, impact-rich digital products is crucial.

Whether it’s an online annual report, a social media campaign, an animation, or an article destined for a prestigious online publication, we use every tool in our digital toolbox to ensure that it captures the attention of even the busiest stakeholders.

Online annual reports

Scriptoria’s online annual reports showcase our clients’ key messages and successes in ways that are dynamic, accessible and visually striking. Easy navigation, infographics and arresting designs that guide the eye ensure that readers can quickly find the sections and details most relevant to them without having to search through a lengthy document.

Our mobile optimised report designs support a wide range of content, from videos and animations to interactive infographics and dashboards. All this means that key messaging and updates are at the audience’s fingertips, with no need to print. We can also produce parallel PDF and e-book versions on request.

Stories, articles, op-eds and more

We recognise that our clients and their stakeholders have hectic schedules. So while they are busy forging ahead in their work, our writers – expert communicators in health, WASH and agriculture – step in to craft sharp, interesting stories for online platforms and newsletters.

We specialise in producing authoritative feature stories across a range of stand-alone, mobile-first platforms, including Microsoft and Adobe apps; the results are visual, highly shareable and sure to be noticed.

As part of a campaign, we can also work to place articles and op-eds in prominent online publications and gain maximum impact. We’ve placed op-eds in the Guardian online for UN projects, for example, and ghost-written online articles for the directors and board members of international foundations.


Animations are powerful vehicles for conveying our clients’ messages. Scriptoria’s Communications team develops the initial concept, script and storyboard to produce studio-quality animations on any subject and in any style. We work with each client to produce a style of animation that matches their visual identity, and provide voiceover artists to convey their message in the right accent and style.

When clients bring footage from the real world, we also cut and edit their live-action material to produce smooth documentaries and interview videos.

Social media campaigns

Planning and implementing social media campaigns is time consuming and requires content to be posted regularly and consistently. Many of our clients ask us to manage their social media platforms on their behalf – because they trust us to speak in their distinct voice.

From drafting and scheduling content to designing graphics and engaging with followers, our Communications team plays the role of an external social media team to ensure our clients’ social platforms are always part of the conversation. Using the latest social media management software, we can manage multiple channels at once and schedule content across different time zones.