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Programme delivery

Our teams have experience both running entire programmes and working with partner organisations to deliver defined areas of programme work around the globe.

A good example is the US$3 million Gates Foundation AgShare.Today programme. Designed and implemented by Scriptoria, this programme runs across sub-Saharan Africa – providing support to a range of other larger Foundation-funded research programmes.

From strategy development, to work planning, budgeting, staff management and quality control, we’re able to efficiently deliver programmes for maximum effect.

Knowledge management

Our knowledge management experts combine skills in the ‘soft’ side of knowledge and information management (strategy, organisational culture and systems development) with technical expertise in delivering solutions (such as implementing intranets and data management systems).

Having this breadth of knowledge in-house allows us to quickly and smoothly improve the efficiency and impact of our clients’ day-to-day work. Examples include putting in place systems to make it easier for teams to work together, as well as providing tools to allow senior leadership to retain a high-level overview and steer groups towards success.

Strategy development

We work with programmes all over the world to design and implement impact-focused strategies.

Examples of our work include communications strategies, knowledge management strategies, stakeholder engagement and influencing strategies, research communications strategies, data management strategies and monitoring and evaluation strategies.

Plus, once any of these strategies is put in place, we have the skills and resources in-house to implement it for you – ensuring impact and high-quality delivery.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning

Our consultants design and implement monitoring, evaluation and learning approaches for research and sustainable development programmes all over the world.

Tailored to individual programme needs, our approaches address the use of both quantitative and qualitative information – capturing not only progress and change but also the learning associated with it.

Examples of our work range from assessing how best programmes can align their monitoring activities with their strategic goals, to running cross-programme evaluations of progress and annual reviews on behalf of donors.

Procurement and tendering support

Scriptoria’s Consulting Team works with donors to help them refine the Invitations to Tender (ITT) and Requests for Proposals (RFP) that they use to procure contractors able to deliver multi-million pound programmes.

Our clients who ask for these services know that higher quality invitations to tender attract better quality bids. By reviewing and writing tender documents on behalf of the procurement teams of major funding organisations, in areas such as knowledge management, communications, digital systems and infrastructure, we help to ensure that the requirements of the tender align properly with the needs of the programme being procured and with best practice delivery.

These consulting services are complemented by the training courses we offer to in-house procurement teams on how to improve tender writing.

Consulting services examples



AgShare.Today is a US$3 million Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded programme which brings together 19 Gates Foundation agricultural research programmes working in Africa. AgShare’s aim is to support these programmes in knowledge sharing and data management, and so speed up the dissemination of results and increase impact.

Scriptoria designed this project and is now delivering it for the Gates Foundation. Services range from developing database and management information systems to providing scientific engagement and IT training, as well as programme management.

Services provided: Programme design | Project management | Strategy development | Training and capacity building | Information system development | Database creation and management



CrossRoads was an £18 million DFID UK programme focused on bringing about policy change and innovation in Uganda’s road sector, in order to improve the quality of the country’s road network.

Scriptoria delivered communications and knowledge management services throughout CrossRoads’ five-year life cycle. Work ranged from developing internal programme communications systems, to implementing and monitoring country-wide communications and knowledge management strategies, and contributing to organisational/structural reviews focused on the donor relation components of CrossRoads.

Services provided: Strategy development | Training and capacity building | Campaign implementation | Programme review and restructure | Contract management | Data management



CRIDF is a £23 million UK DFID-funded project that aims to transform the way infrastructure is delivered in 12 countries in Southern Africa by working with communities, policy makers and planners to better manage transboundary water resources to cope with climate extremes.

For this project, Scriptoria has delivered strategies in (i) knowledge management and communications (internal and external), (ii) monitoring and evaluation, and (iii) IT management. Scriptoria has also developed systems to implement these strategies, including an enterprise-class intranet and various databases to track and visualise stakeholder and project data.

Services provided: Strategy development | Training and capacity building | Campaign implementation | Programme capacity reviews | Monitoring & evaluation

Example clients

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