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Finally, a management system that fits your needs

We’ve taken more than two decades of experience and used it to build PMC – a modular programme management software solution specifically tailored to meet the needs of our international development and research clients.

Based on our management thinking and approaches, PMC allows programmes to start up faster, manage teams more efficiently, and plan and deliver workflows more professionally than ever.

Deliverable tracking and management modules

PMC’s deliverable tracking and management modules help teams ensure that key programme outputs are finished within deadline and budget.

Our PMC modules include delivery tools to keep track of who is responsible for delivering what, and to what standard, and micro-reporting tools to provide fast workflow updates. More tools help coordinate delivery teams and match deliverables and work streams to the outcomes and outputs set by donors.

Stakeholder engagement tracking and management module

PMC’s stakeholder engagement tool allows international programme teams to track and fine-tune their interactions with stakeholders and stakeholder organisations – key for activities such as communications, advocacy and policy work.

Knowing who supports programme goals, who’s engaged and who’s acting on communications is essential – especially for programmes that focus on changing behaviours. That’s why we designed this software to help programmes increase their visibility, communicate their programme results and track impacts such as changes in stakeholder engagement.

Monitoring, evaluation and donor reporting modules

Our monitoring, evaluation and donor reporting modules also make it easy for teams to track delivery against key reporting frameworks such as FCDO LogFrames.

The system can be used to track a range of key indicators including delivery milestones, value for money indicators, risk management measures and stakeholder engagement levels.

Dashboards allow both delivery teams and donors to quickly and easily interact with programme results, vastly reducing the reliance on old-fashioned reporting through text-heavy reports. This saves staff even more time while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Team management module

Our team management module provides the tools that programmes need to easily manage their teams from day to day. Whether tracking who is on holiday or what contracts have been issued, these tools greatly decrease the workloads of busy team managers so they can get on with the work of actually delivering their programme goals.

The tools available include electronic timesheets, due diligence tracking, and databases for tracking the use of core team and non-core (associate) consultants.

An adaptable and configurable system

We’ve ensured that our system can be tweaked and revised to meet very specific or unusual programme requirements. With Scriptoria this is a smooth and fast process, handled by consultants who understand international development and research programmes and their special management needs.