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Training courses: Overview

Scriptoria offers a wide range of training courses tailored to the different needs of research organisations, NGOs and businesses.

These range from specialist medical and pharmaceutical writing courses for journal articles and grant proposals, to writing and advocacy courses for sustainable development communications. See our examples section or email us for more information.

Organisations come to us when they need to train their staff to write better promotional materials and clearer reports. We also teach research staff how to improve the quality of their scientific articles and so increase their chances of publication.

Our courses are tailored to our clients’ needs, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. Below are some of the subjects we are most often asked to teach.


  • Writing journal articles
  • Writing theses
  • Advocacy – getting messages across to key audiences
  • Writing reports to donors
  • Correct use of English in research writing
  • Writing funding proposals
  • Presenting data effectively
  • General principles of scientific writing
  • Science writing for a non-specialist audience
  • Writing and delivering scientific presentations
  • Writing Annual Reports
  • Research Excellence Framework (REF) impact case studies


  • Marketing yourself and your messages
  • Writing brochures, newsletters and press releases
  • Writing feature articles
  • The writing cycle and making writing easy
  • Editing and proofreading your own work
  • Correct use of punctuation