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Consulting services

Clients come to Scriptoria’s Consulting team when they want to increase the efficiency and impact of their projects. They know that our team combines strong experience in communications, knowledge management, and monitoring and learning with considerable subject area expertise (including PhDs) in fields related to research and sustainable development.

To ensure good communications and strong levels of engagement, our Consulting team works hand-in-hand with our Publications team to help clients explain complex issues to audiences such as policy makers, and encourage behaviour change where needed. Work ranges from developing theories of change, strategies and actionable plans, to running effective campaigns and producing the materials needed to deliver them (in both print and digital).

The work done by our knowledge management consultants ranges from helping clients to improve the way they handle information across projects, to designing and implementing approaches that ensure strong project legacy. Our focus is on improving flows of information (both internally and externally) through better project management and data and information management.

As well as addressing the human side of knowledge management (how teams interact and how information flows), Scriptoria also brings to the table exceptionally high levels of expertise in the provision of technical solutions and data analytics and management. Examples of our work range from the building and running of cloud-based project management systems and online databases, to the provision of monitoring systems tailored to track progress, and the delivery of survey systems to gather clean data. We are also applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to help projects model and forecast the effects of change and better understand and improve complex systems.

Scriptoria’s consultants work closely with clients to both design and implement approaches to monitoring and learning. Our methodologies combine the gathering of both quantitative and qualitative information to clearly show not only progress and change but also the learning associated with it. We then work to disseminate this widely for greatest impact.

To discuss your needs in more depth please email us at strategy@scriptoria.co.uk