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Scriptoria to advise major agricultural projects on knowledge and data management

gatesNovember 2014

Scriptoria has developed systems and thinking to help various international development programmes to better handle both data and knowledge, and to improve their ability to work with international collaborators. Examples range from building state-of-the art intranets for UK funded advocacy programmes in Zambia, to producing relational databases that allow policy teams to explore and review major survey data gathered on infrastructure projects in Uganda.

As a result of this work, a major US donor has invited Scriptoria to advise a variety of teams on the best ways to capture, handle and share the agricultural information that they generate.

Senior consultants from Scriptoria will be attending meetings in Tanzania next week to meet with a number of agricultural project teams and show them the range of options available to them.

We’re already building a cloud-based system for one crop-breeding programme in this group, to allow them to share information and data with partners across Africa, the UK and the USA, and their team will also be attending the meeting.

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