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Scriptoria helps OECD to pull together case studies on data for development

There are worrying gaps in the data available about people and the planet. Many developing countries in particular lack the capacity to produce these data, which are essential to the global effort to achieve long-lasting change, and in particular the 17 ambitious goals identified in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In response to this global challenge, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have focused their 2017 Development Co-operation Report on the issue of data for development. As part of this comprehensive report, the OECD asked a range of actors from around the world to share their knowledge of making data work for development. Scriptoria helped the OECD to pull these amazing contributions together into a booklet containing 45 examples of actions being taken around the world to bridge the existing data gaps.

Scriptoria’s challenge was to edit in order to bring some consistency across the case studies without losing the voices of each of the contributing authors. Scriptoria also designed the booklet, bringing in elements of the main report to make the link between the two publications obvious from a design perspective. The case study booklet Development Co-operation Report 2017: Case studies on data for development, was launched on 17 October 2017, alongside the main report. 

If you are looking to produce a collection of case studies, Scriptoria would be delighted to aid you through the process. Please contact our Publications department for more information at publications@scriptoria.co.uk