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Scriptoria creates food security animation for Dryland Systems

Since 2013, the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems has been working to mitigate land and resource degradation and improve the lives of 1.6 billion rural people living in drylands. Seeking to showcase aspects of its innovative systems approach and its benefits to farmers, the Program asked Scriptoria to help realise its ideas for a short video animation. Scriptoria therefore worked closely with the Program to develop the concept, write the script, and produce a striking animation that tells the story of drylands research.

Focussing on food security, the animation highlights case studies from the dry areas where the Program works. You can watch it here to find out how scientists and farmers from Sudan to Uzbekistan are working together to achieve greater food security.

The Dryland Systems Program chose to use animation to share its messages because it’s such an engaging way to present information. Animations are also particularly good for sharing on social media. So if you are thinking of using video animations in your communications strategy, get in touch with our Publications team who will be able to help you produce something that will have a real impact: publications@scriptoria.co.uk