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New online Resource Centre for the DFID & EU funded CrossRoads Programme and Uganda’s Roads Industry Council

ricOctober 2014

Scriptoria has just completed a major online knowledge platform for the £18 million CrossRoads infrastructure programme in Uganda.

Launched by Uganda’s Minister of State for Works (Hon. Eng. John Byabagambi) on 15 October, the Resource Centre is designed to ensure that the CrossRoads programme leaves a strong sustainable legacy of easily accessible knowledge for use in the future. This will be embedded in the Roads Industry Council (RIC) – the Ugandan Government’s advisory body on roads in Uganda.

This is just one of several Resource Centres that Scriptoria’s IT, Consulting and Publications teams have produced seamlessly for our clients. Having this kind of expertise in-house allows us to think though our clients’ needs, suggest options and then swiftly implement them.

The RIC Resource Centre brings together hundreds of key reports, guidance manuals and a host of carefully selected tools for road planners and policy makers to use when developing and maintaining the country’s road network.

This kind of work makes a strong contribution to the sustainable development work of many programmes, organisations and projects who produce excellent resources but find it difficult to share them effectively. Scriptoria helps such organisations gather key resources together to ensure that best possible use is made of them.

If you would like to see examples of other Resource Centres we’ve produced, please see our Resource Centre page.

If you are interested in Scriptoria producing a Resource Centre for you, please email us at strategy@scriptoria.co.uk