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Publications: Social media campaigns

Scriptoria’s social media experts design, manage and monitor social media campaigns on behalf of clients around the world – as well as writing sharp and engaging posts which inspire audiences to interact and take action. We also research and post on the hot topics that will interest our clients’ followers, so that their feeds are content-rich and up-to-date.

Coca-Cola & UNDP, Every Drop Matters

Every Drop Matters is a flagship corporate social responsibility programme run by Coca-Cola and UNDP. Scriptoria oversees their use of social media to promote events that raise awareness of water conservation, including a visit by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to an Every Drop Matters project.

This is done using already established channels – by, for example, our staff ‘live Tweeting’ through UNDP’s Twitter account and writing articles for Coca-Cola’s Unbottled blog. The whole social media campaign is then cross-linked to the international media through, for example, articles we write for major papers such as the Guardian.

Area: Water & climate
Work overview:

Facebook campaign
Twitter campaign
Newspaper placement


KMCC social media management

The Knowledge Management and Communications Capacity (KMCC) initiative is a best-practice communications centre focusing on HIV/AIDS communications in Uganda, that ran until 2015.

Scriptoria managed all KMCC’s Facebook and Twitter social media accounts, providing daily information on HIV/AIDS prevention in Uganda, as well as writing quarterly newsletters and new website text. With over 7,000 fans, the Facebook page is recognised as an important resource for HIV/AIDS-related thinking in Uganda. In order to be able to handle this work, Scriptoria staff need to have a strong knowledge of the subject area.

Work overview:

Website restructuring
Social media campaigning
Blog post writing


Evidence on Demand (EOD) social media management

EOD is a DFID-funded international development information hub, providing access to quality assured resources relating to climate, environment, infrastructure, and livelihoods.

Scriptoria manages the EOD Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ social media platforms, running campaigns to disseminate their publications to a wider audience and building the profile of the EOD programme and its document library.

Area: Development
Work overview:

Social media campaigning
Promotional article writing
Website monitoring and evaluation

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SPARC Facebook campaign

Though primarily a technical programme focused on influencing governance, the State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability (SPARC) wanted to explain their impacts to a wider audience as well.

A Facebook page was a good option for them, but building a relevant audience was not easy. They therefore called in Scriptoria to run a targeted campaign to build their audience in Nigeria. The page now has almost 6,000 fans and the number is continuing to grow.

Area: Governance
Work overview:

Audience development
Social media campaigning