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Scriptoria writes CTA’s technical publication on the exciting potential of ICT for agriculture

Information and communications technology (ICT) has huge potential for aiding agricultural successes – from increasing yields to helping farmers get a fair price for their products. Technologies such as SMS applications, mobile banking and satellite data are being used successfully to give agricultural stakeholders access to farm mapping, financial credit, advice from extension workers and social networks. As a result, smallholder farmers are gaining autonomy over their livelihoods and are better equipped to compete in an increasingly digitalised market.

However, barriers still exist that prevent pilot projects going to scale and limit the number of farmers who can benefit from technological developments. One of these barriers is a lack of awareness within the industry as to what technologies are available and the benefits they can bring.

CTA approached Scriptoria to produce a booklet that would inform and inspire agricultural stakeholders around the world to realise the remarkable change that ICT can bring to the lives of rural farming communities. We used our expert writing capabilities and agricultural expertise to produce seven case studies that tell an engaging story of how technologies have fundamentally changed how smallholder farmers are doing business. The case studies are informative and will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Read Going to scale with ICTs for agriculture to find out more.

If you are looking to produce a technical booklet, Scriptoria would be delighted to aid you through the process. Please contact our Publications department for more information at publications@scriptoria.co.uk