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Scriptoria brings together knowledge from 450-delegate Food Security Forum

southeast-asia-mapThe Scriptoria team travelled to the Philippines in June to provide consultancy for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) at their Food Security Forum. The Forum was held at ADB’s HQ in Manila and brought together stakeholders from around the world. Approximately 450 delegates attended, ranging from farmers and farming associations, to credit providers and government officials, to the ADB President himself.

Scriptoria used rapid dissemination techniques to spark dialogue between the vast variety of participants and to engage remote stakeholders. Questions on how to improve agricultural productivity and reduce food loss and wastage along the value chain were shared and discussed, as well as 21st century challenges such as rural–urban migration and mitigating the impact of climate change on food security.

The Scriptoria team is now preparing a knowledge product capturing key messages and actions from the Food Security Forum, due to be released later this year.