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To save water, Scriptoria helps businesses go circular

Worldwide, demand for water is on a path to exceed sustainable supply by 40% in 2030. Most businesses are not prepared for such a world, having built their strategies on a natural resource that is changing rapidly. In 2016, some of the world’s largest companies reported USD14 billion in water-related impacts.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) presents a practical alternative in their Business guide to circular water management: spotlight on reduce, reuse and recycle. A circular approach to water management is a smart path for any company facing water constraints, or simply wishing to be a part of a more sustainable industry. This Business Guide shows the way step by step, from building a business case for water reuse to overcoming the most frequently encountered barriers.

Scriptoria, with our expertise in communicating water issues and long-time collaborations with lead organisations such as the World Water Council and Global Water Partnership, was a natural partner to help make the Business Guide a true asset to its audience. We provided a substantive edit of the 62-page guide to improve the flow, readability and structure of the text, and incorporated hyperlinks throughout to help users find external resources. We then designed and laid out the guide, producing a clean, practical tool that’s ready for business.

If you would like to publish an easy-to-use guide for your specialist or general audience, send us an email at publications@scriptoria.co.uk and we can discuss your needs further.