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Scriptoria produces the 2011 Annual Report for the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust

jjWe are pleased to announce that the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust’s Annual Report 2011 – written by Scriptoria – is published.

A wide-reaching CSR effort with complex communication needs

The multi-million pound Trust is part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) effort, supporting roughly 120 health-related partners and projects around the world. A good example of its work is the ‘Learn and Earn’ nurse training programme in East Africa, which gives hard-pressed nurses the opportunity to upgrade their skills on the job—meaning they don’t have to sacrifice their income or family life in the process. Another good example of thinking outside the box is the ColaLife project In Zambia, which is trialling whether lifesaving anti-diarrhoea kits can be transported to isolated areas by ‘piggybacking’ them on crates of soft drinks.

Scriptoria’s task, therefore, was to write an annual report that showcased a year’s worth of experiences from the Trust and its partners in a way that was inspiring and readable, without sacrificing transparency or accuracy. Rising to the challenge, our expert writers were able to distil large volumes of information into a concise annual report that gives its readers a vivid window into the Trust’s work around the world.

Boosting and tracking readership

The trust also asked us to help it distribute and track the readership of the new report. Our technical team therefore devised a system that gives the Trust’s online audience the choice between (a) flicking through a stunning digital book or (b) downloading a smart phone-friendly PDF. We also showed the Trust powerful analytical tools to help them track a range of key factors, such as how many people are visiting the report; where they are accessing it from; and how they are navigating through it.